Workplace Mental Health

A growing body of research shows that the workplace has a significant impact on the mental health of workers. Conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and depression have been shown to have clear links to the workplace and have a significant impact on the quality of life for our members. HSAA is working to educate members on the impact of the workplace on mental health and advocate for workplaces that support mental health for the membership.

HSAA in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada offers a full-day mental-health workshop for members, focusing on understanding your own mental health as well as strategies to improve it. Go to for further details. You can show your support for mental health in the workplace by clicking here to order your very own HSAA green ribbon pin.

HSAA has also produced a brochure to help members understand their own mental health and some strategies to improve it.

HSAA is working on additional mental-health resources and Information for members so check back here often for updates.

Additional Information can be found at the following links:

    Leading Canadian mental health research and training organization. Creator and provider of many workplace mental health programs such as Mental Health First Aid, Road to Mental Readiness and The Working Mind. The Mental Health Commission also publishes reports detailing the impact of mental health on individuals and Canadian society.

    Sponsored by the Great West Life Insurance Company, this website provides a number of resources for workers to manage their mental health and steps that organizations can take to protect the mental health of their employees.  Rights and responsibilities around mental health workplace accommodations are also discussed.

    The “Let's Talk” Initiative is sponsored by Bell Canada and is focused on building an understanding of mental health in Canada by breaking down stigma and starting conversations on mental health between individuals and at the community level. The website contains a tool kit that has resources for starting conversations about mental health.

    Encourages individuals and organizations to consider the impact of mental health in the workplace by encouraging open dialogue and understanding. Tool kits and resources are available to promote mental health in the workplace.