Press Releases

by Kim Adonyi-Keegan

Albertans are being warned to prepare for more Code Red shortages of ambulances as a result of cuts announced in yesterday’s budget.

by Kim Adonyi-Keegan

The Alberta government’s decision to ban paid donations for blood and blood products will save lives, save money and protect the health of Albertans, says the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA).


by Mark Di Napoli

Union sponsors welcome family of Syrian refugees to Alberta

by Kim Adonyi-Keegan

Alberta’s proposed electoral financing rules will go a long way to making our governments more accountable to the citizens of Alberta rather than corporations says Health Sciences Association president Mike Parker.

by Luanne Climenhaga

The plan to bring Edmonton zone laboratory services back into the public sector will bring stability for Albertans who rely on these vital services and the workers who provide them, says the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA).