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October 1, 2017

The Dynalife/HSAA fun fall family event held at the Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm on October 1, 2017 was attended by close to 60 members and guests. 

The food was delicious, and set the stage for an enjoyable Sunday family outing. We dined on fresh from the farm beef on a bun, hotdogs, garlic potatoes, mac n cheese, fresh salads and for dessert... fresh fruit and homemade pumpkin pie with real whipped cream!  Yum!

Dynalife folks had access to all the activities on the farm including the corn mazes. The haunted pumpkin festival, pumpkin decorating, temporary tattoos, magic shows, drum circles and face painting were some of the event highlights.

We had the advantage of a heated greenhouse where adults were provided fresh coffee and kids (both big and small) could enjoy some hot chocolate.  

Everyone received tokens and vouchers from the Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm to pick out their favourite pumpkins and bring home other treats from the event.  

We were lucky to have the following HSAA representatives also attend our event:

  • Trudy Thompson (HSAA Vice President)
  • Amanda Freistadt (HSAA Local Unit advisor)
  • Kate Robinson (HSAA Labour Relations Officer - Dynalife PCCs)
  • Chris Bradshaw (HSAA Labour Relations Officer - Dynalife Baselab)
  • Evan Stratichuk (HSAA Central Board Member - Edmonton)
  • and Angela Pulongbarit (Member’s Resource Center)

The Local Unit Executive wants to thank all those who attended and made the day an enjoyable success for our members. 

A great time was had by all.


S. Sturgess, HSAA Steward - Dynalife



Central District Golf Tournament - August 2017

On Monday, August 28th, HSAA Central District members enjoyed an HSAA District funded golf tournament.

HSAA members living in the central zone were emailed an invite to participate in the tournament and the openings filled in no time! The turn-out was exceptional and filled to capacity with more than 60 members in attendance including both experienced and inexperienced golfers, along with first-time HSAA event goers.

Games within the game included prizes (graciously donated by HSAA member Dawn Nelson of the Red Deer Hospital) for: best score (of course), most HONEST score (gotta reward honesty), longest drive (skills are good) and … most trees hit (apparently there are a lot of trees on this course). Other perks included free golf balls for those who were attending their first HSAA event and free trail mix for all, handed out by none other than HSAA’s very own Vice President, Trudy Thomson (whose golf cart driving skills, rumor has it, are now in question – ask her about it).

By all accounts the day was perfect… warm, sunny and bug free at the beautiful Innisfail Golf Club. The tournament wrapped up with a scrumptious dinner served in the Innisfail Golf Club’s Field House. All this and an enjoyable day with your coworkers for a mere twenty-five bucks! These kinds of events happen all the time, but only if you are an HSAA member! Not sure if you are a member? Call HSAA’s membership department at 1-844-280-4722 and make sure you are so you don’t miss the next event.

A huge THANK YOU to HSAA Central District Board Members, Christine Chambers and Scott Budgell, along with HSAA members, DJ McMillan and Marie Grabowski for their parts in organizing this wildly popular event.

Do you know of an event you’d like planned for your district? Contact your HSAA District Advisor: Laurel Jackson (Calgary), Kristopher Moskal (Edmonton), Jason Soklofske (North/Central/South) or your HSAA Board Member.



The Calgary Roughnecks Lacrossd Game - February 12, 2017

HSAA members and their families were invited to purchase subsidized tickets to the Calgary Roughnecks lacrosse game on February 12th. 
The event was well attended by our members with more than 230 tickets sold.
Members who attended were also given gift cards when they provided their HSAA ID.
Both regular attendees and a few new faces showed up to enjoy the event.




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