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Planning your retirement

Looking for a head start on retirement planning and need to know what questions to be prepared to answer? Read more here: Before Meeting with a Retirement Planner

Getting information together
Web links and resources to help in planning for retirement and retirees.

The stages of preparing for retirement

Retirement planning lists and worksheets

Retired HSAA member benefits

Retired HSAA member activities

Convention (at own cost)

Labour Relations Conference (at own cost)

Committees (where appropriate)



HSAA retiree continued benefits

  • Member hotel rates

  • Parking discounts

  • Travel agent services

  • Meal discounts

  • The Brick pricing certificate

  • Mortgage services

  • Marks (formerly Marks Work Warehouse) 10% discount card

  • Group insurance

  • Electronic newsletter

  • Email notifications of general union information and events

HSAA retirees photo album

Retired HSAA Members