Member Benefits

Professional Representation

HSAA's primary responsibility is to be available when members need its services. The members' main contact with their union is the Labour Relations Officer (LRO). LROs have many years of training and experience to deal with contract interpretation and resolving workplace conflicts. This involves processing grievances and arbitrations. LROs are located in Edmonton and Calgary and can quickly travel to any part of the province to deal with local issues.

We have trained professionals who will help you in the following:

  • Resolving issues with your employer - this may range from minor disputes with your supervisor to dealing with disciplinary actions including dismissal

  • Handling disability claims

  • Dealing with occupational health and safety issues

Workplace Health, Safety and Wellness

HSAA’s objective is to have our members return home safe to their respective families, each and every day. HSAA has a Health & Safety Advisor who helps to educate members and lobby various levels of government to ensure this happens. Our Health & Safety Advisor, Ray Geldreich, is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional, with an extensive background in the health-care industry and would be happy to assist you with any safety or risk related questions or concerns.

Disability Advocacy

HSAA has specialized staff who devote significant time to workers' compensation claims and disability issues.  These staff members have extensive experience in dealing with members who have been injured and disabled.  They are strong advocates for disabled health-care employees who will make every effort to ensure disability claims are handled efficiently and effectively.

Emergency Financial Assistance Fund 

All applications to this fund are reviewed by the Members’ Benefits Committee. The fund is intended as a fund of last resort for members experiencing emergent situations only. Non-emergent situations or those that entail ongoing needs, personal loans, lines of credit, or credit cards will be rejected. Before applying, please review the guidelines attached to the form to ensure that you qualify. Each application will be considered on its own merit.

For any questions regarding this fund, please contact the Office Manager at 1-844-280-4722.


This includes workshops for members throughout the year as well as seminars of specific interest to local unit executive members.