Workshop Descriptions

Interested in taking a workshop? Below is a listing with course descriptions of workshops available to HSAA members. Check out EVENTS/WORKSHOPS on for future dates.

Conflict Resolution


Conflict is a part of everyday life, but the vast majority of us avoid it at all costs.  This workshop will assist you in listening more effectively, asking better questions and identifying the issues at the heart of a conflict.  You will also identify your own conflict resolution style, develop strategies and feel more confident when engaging in conflicts that lead to more positive results.  Join us and learn to face conflict head-on!


Bullying & Harassment

Have you or your co-workers been bullied or harassed in the workplace? This practical workshop will provide an introduction to both of these concepts. We will discuss the causes and impacts, the roles of those involved and how to address and prevent bullying and harassment.

In-Scope Supervisor

The goal of this full-day workshop is to improve communication between HSAA and our supervisory members through an increased understanding of each other's roles, expectations and concerns. Focus is placed on education regarding dispute resolution, progressive discipline, performance evaluation and seniority and how it relates to promotion, transfer and vacation preferences. Participants learn to strike an appropriate balance between their in-scope supervisory functions and their accountability to senior management.

Duty to Accommodate


We will address many questions that arise out of the employer's duty to accommodate injury and disability in the workplace. How far must employers go to accommodate a sick or disabled employee? What constitutes undue hardship for an employer? Is an employer required to create a position for a sick or disabled employee? We'll also look at the obligations of the union, the employee and their colleagues in the context of this duty.

Know Your Rights: Fundamentals of Workplace Health & Safety


Did you know staff injury rates in healthcare continue to rise every year, while most other industries are seeing reductions? Attend this workshop to learn the employer's responsibilities to you and how to stand up for your legal right to a safe workplace. We will provide an overview of current workplace injury trends to health care workers and an understanding of some key components of occupational health and safety legislation. Strategies for effectively representing yourself and fellow members on joint workplace health and safety committees will also be discussed including how to resolve more complex safety issues.

Ace the Interview


The goals of this workshop are:

  • to provide HSAA members with practical tips/information and tools regarding interviewing and selection for personal use, both inside and outside the workplace;

  • to educate members with regard to the collective agreement as it applies to the selection processto enhance members' comfort and skill level when participating in interviews and the selection process; and

  • to enhance members' comfort and skill level when participating in interviews and the selection process.

Pension & Retirement Planning

Whether you are two years from retirement or thirty, we have two presenters - one in the morning and one in the afternoon - who will provide information about the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP) and practical tips to develop a plan for retirement respectively.  It's never too late or too early!

Professional Colleges


The Health Professions Act provides broad and substantial powers to all of your colleges and registering bodies. How does this legislation affect your day-to-day work life? What happens when a complaint is filed? What are the potential consequences? We will discuss the role of the various colleges in determining educational and competency requirements and in governing the standards of practice and codes of ethics of their members.
Note: Please bring your College Code of Ethics and a copy of your College newsletter!

Contract Interpretation


The focus of this one-day workshop is creating a basic understanding of how to read and understand your collective agreement language.  You will walk away with a renewed sense of your rights in the workplace and the tools and skills to continue educating yourself long after the workshop is over.
NOTE:  Please bring your collective agreements with you!

Safe and Sound: Psychological Safety in the Workplace (The Working Mind)

This one-day workshop focuses on dispelling the myths of mental illnesses and reducing their associated stigma.  You will be provided with strategies to help identify declining and poor mental health in yourself and others, to cope with stress and improve overall mental health.

Local Unit Executive Representative I

Are you a new Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Group Representative?  This workshop is designed specifically for you.  Throughout the day we will clearly define the roles of each local unit executive position, provide a brief introduction to some labour history and review the structure of HSAA.  We will also practise chairing meetings and begin to develop some strategies to encourage member involvement.  Welcome to the HSAA family!
NOTE:  This workshop is open to Local Unit Executive Representatives only.  Once completed, you are welcome to register for Local Unit Executive Representative II!!

Local Unit Executive Representative II


Now that you have completed LUER I, we will enhance your chairing skills by providing an introduction to parliamentary procedure, practicing public speaking and discovering your leadership style.  We'll also take you on a trip through the bargaining process and some collective agreement language, further defining your role in the local unit.  At the end of the two days, you will be ready to take on level III.

NOTE:  This workshop is open to Local Unit Executive Representatives only.  Once completed, you are welcome to register for Local Unit Executive Representative III!

Local Unit Executive Representative III


Leadership, Politics, Advocacy and Activism:  After two full days, you will have learned how to adapt your leadership style and discovered your unique abilities to engage your members and the public.  You ARE a leader!  This workshop simply provides you with the skills and tools to educate your local unit, your community or your province about issues that matter to HSAA members and the public and motivate them to work toward change.