Our 25,000 health-
care professionals
understand Alberta’s
health-care system.

Whether we’re working in the labs, in diagnostic imaging, in emergency medicine, in therapy, in addictions or any of the 240 professional disciplines to which we belong, we spend every day of our working lives caring for you.

We’re there for you in your scariest, hardest and happiest moments. We’re there for you when you get injured, we’re there for you when you get sick, we’re there for you when you’re born and we’re there for you when you or your loved ones pass on.

It’s because we care about caring for you that we’re talking now about the future of Alberta’s health-care system.

We'll be watching.

We watched the election results come in and we’ll keep watching the government today and the day after that because we need to make sure they take care of Albertans. We’ll be watching for the government to help us do our jobs to provide great patient care, to protect and invest in public health care and to work as hard as we do for the people we take care of every day.

Because nothing matters more than your health.

Health matters
to all of us.
You know that
and we know that.

Campaign News

CTV News: Delays for patients in light of super lab cancellation, officials say

This article was originally published by CTV News Edmonton. Medical professionals say they’re concerned about challenges in light of the government’s move to scrap plans for a super lab in Edmonton. The NDP government started building a $590 million super lab near the University of Alberta. The plan was to move five medical labs in the city under one roof. The UCP stopped construction on the project and said the new lab would do nothing to improve…

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HSAA serves government with statement of claim

On June 27, 2019, the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) served the Government of Alberta with a statement of claim, which you can see here. Essentially, we are claiming that the Government acted unconstitutionally when they delayed the date for arbitration on our wage re-opener in Bill 9 Public Sector Arbitration Deferral Act. HSAA, along with its president, Michael Parker, and South District board member, Jason Soklofske, have been named as the plaintiffs. Dan Scott of…

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#Bill9 is the window dressing to what's coming - Mike Parker, HSAA president ... See MoreSee Less


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Well said my articulate friend 🌸

CLS is already being rolled back to the AHS contract wages

Sadest of all, is programs like the DOPE team being affected by the swoop. In the end, it's not about saving one red cent. Other provincial programs will inherit the costs and, tax-payers/wage-earners will have less to invest in their local economy.

Give it to the Lord you’ll feel better

Visited Valleyview EMS station, too. Brought them a "cheese wheel" (pizza) ... See MoreSee Less

Visited Valleyview EMS station, too. Brought them a cheese wheel (pizza)


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Some tough looking dude.

I hope we'll be getting a visit in Dynalife Red Deer too?

The hazards of bike site visits (bugs to the face) ... See MoreSee Less

The hazards of bike site visits (bugs to the face)Image attachmentImage attachment


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They say honey production will be down in Alberta due to rain. Well I can say first hand that whatever is produced will be DELICIOUS!!

Valleyview Health Centre site visit ... See MoreSee Less

Best quote of the day: I pay my union $50 a pay cheque so the employer doesn’t take $10 off my hourly wage - Jeffrey, HSAA member ... See MoreSee Less


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There are enough labour laws that unions are effectively, and in most cases, an unnecessary entity.

Or so they can use it to advertise in favor of their political party, no matter if the employee supports that party 🤷‍♂️

Been paying that 50 per pay cheque for 4 years = 10,400. Would much prefer that money in my pocket since you’ve done absolutely nothing

Then I anticipate the union won’t accept a repeat of the past.... rollback of wages

Yah so who's running racket....

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