Health Matters -

so let's make it an election issue

If there’s one group of people who understand Alberta’s health-care system, it’s us, the 25,000 health-care professionals who belong to the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA).

Whether we’re working in the labs, in diagnostic imaging, in emergency medicine, in therapy, in addictions or any of the 240 professional disciplines to which we belong, we spend every day of our working lives caring for you.

We’re there for you in your scariest, hardest and happiest moments. We’re there for you when you get injured, we’re there for you when you get sick, we’re there for you when you’re born and we’re there for you when you or your loved ones pass on.

It’s because we care about caring for you that we’re talking now about the future of Alberta’s health-care system.

“Health matters to all of us. You know that and we know that.”

However, we get scared when we hear politicians talk about cutting or privatizing health care.

As experts, we know health-care cuts will cause immense damage. The risk to health care – and to Albertans – is too great for us to stay silent.

As your trusted health-care experts, we felt we had to speak out. Alberta needs to invest in a health-care that’s already stretched, not cut it.

Alberta needs to stop the increased privatization of care so that every dollar is spent on patients, not diverted to boost profits for large corporations. No one needing health care should have to worry about whether or not they can afford care.

Why are we talking about this now?

Simple. Because Albertans are facing a big decision in 2019 when the province goes to the polls.

We want you to make health care an election issue. Talk to your neighbours, colleagues and friends. Tell them health care matters – today and on election day. When you see our Health Matters Campaign on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, like it and share it.

You can make a difference by making health care an election issue. In the next election, let’s choose a premier and government that protects health care and keeps it public.