No one voted for deep cuts to health care.
But that’s what Jason Kenney is doing.

Jason Kenney and the UCP government are cutting thousands of frontline health-care workers and trying to privatize vital services.

Hurting patient care and forcing families to wait longer.

And while he cuts our health care, he’s handing out billions in corporate tax giveaways.

Jason Kenney just doesn’t share the priorities of Alberta’s families

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Health matters to all of us. And we all deserve the best care possible for ourselves and our loved ones. Our health-care system is already stretched. We need to invest in health care, not cut it and privatize it. We need to listen to the experts in health care when they say cutting and privatizing will put patients at risk. And we need to support them so they have the time and resources to give patients the care they deserve.

Because nothing matters more than your health.

Health matters
to all of us.
Let’s not put it at risk.
Let’s make it better.

Campaign News

Media Release: Kenney privatizing front-line public health-care professionals, putting profit above patient care

For Immediate Release November 29, 2019 As members of the United Conservative Party gather in Calgary for their annual general meeting, Jason Kenney is breaking his promise not to compromise front-line public health-care services in Alberta. HSAA has been served notice by Alberta Precision Labs it is seeking interest from private third-parties to take over parts of lab services in Alberta. This could affect 850 full-time equivalent positions (FTEs). The current government also intends to consider…

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Media Release: The truth hidden in Kenney’s “cuts-upon-cuts” budget

For Immediate Release October 25, 2019 The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) reacts to the budget by uncovering the truth in the budget. Edmonton – The current premier and government are being incredibly dishonest with Albertans about the new budget. While the premier and his finance minister claim to be protecting key services in health and jobs, a quick comparison of Budget 18 and Budget 19 numbers shows what is happening. 1. By 2021, the…

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Public Health Care - Its not Jason Kenneys priority. #HSAA #UCP #I♥PublicHealthCare -

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There’s more than just associated... Prairie/Guardian under Medavie EMS for examples. You are painting us as bad practitioners, or that we are limited due to us being contracted services. We are under your HSAA union too and I also hate these cutbacks, but stop labeling private ambulances the problem. There needs to be a healthy balance. You are alienating us and our services were also apart of that survey conducted about OUR patients being satisfied with OUR care. So if HSAA isn’t meaning to make us targets by proxy to “private profit mongers”, then maybe hire a new social media manager to get your posts vetted better.

You do realize a majority of the these private contractor's are under the HSAA union as well? I will also point out ALL Alberta EMS services have a priority for patient care. This is why we do this job. This post implies a very negative context in my opinion, and shakes my beliefs if HSAA truly understands frontline EMS struggles at all. I support and believe what unions can do for all of us...but this really feels like you are segregating private contractors EMS vs. Public service EMS and it needs to stop. When it comes to front line EMS service, we can only rely on one another, and I believe this post does not help what HSAA wishes to accomplish.

The current government is trying to drive a wedge between the public and the private sector with statements like the one in quotes above. HSAA is made up of members from both sectors. Infact lots of us work in both sectors concurrently. We are all experts in Health Care no matter who signs our pay check. Most of us know that it does not matter what sector you work in because in the end, we are all frontline health care workers looking after Albertans doing a job we love. The issue that exists is for profit health care, where money is diverted from the system for profiteers and not reinvested back into patient care. Working for one system or the other does not make you less valuable. We are all frontline, we are all Health Care Experts and we all want whats best for patients. Taking money away from the system is definitely not what's best for patients.

Privatization is awesome. Just look how well it works in the USA! Lol. If you think this governments plan is to only privatize the EMS sector of health care, think again. If we allow this domino to fall......

I’d be interested in the stats using these same statements except asking the EMS personnel instead! I’m betting the results would be eye opening!

Not happy. My reasons is my boyfriend has epilepsy and if I wasn’t there they probably wouldn’t have taken him like one of the many times he’s been picked up the EMS didn’t take him because he thought he was a drunk and the nephew could take care of him. His head went through the wall and if he would have noticed his bracelet his attitude would have been different. Another time I had to argue with a EMS saying he has clusters but because he talk to him and he responded he almost refuse to take him. My percentage on care 75%. Time was quick. I also had an incident in Edmonton that was horrible with my boyfriend. The ones I had a good experience were professional and actually cared. So no I don’t trust you guys. Need more training and attitude adjustments and that’s not perception. I know how it made me feel. I felt scared and angry.

It seems that HSAA forgets that they are a union that has a large number of contracted services and members that provide ambulance services to alberta including myself. It often feels that they do not value us as contracted employees to the same level as our AHS counterparts. Under no circumstances does a contracted ambulance provide lesser care or have lesser equipment. Time management and professionalism.

I would like to see the actual written document provided to HSAA from the government stating they plan to do this. So far the president has said they have been refused numerous meetings by the Health Minister, so there must be something in writing showing their intent?

So what you’re implying is that albertans don’t get “safe, effective, high quality care” with a contract service?

The problem is that this government won't let facts get in the way of their flawed ideology.

Private or public you are a worker and you should be very concerned. Autocratic/idealogue/fascist governments tend to attack intellectuals and Unions first. You are only " safe " as a worker in this province if you are a CEO.

I see no reason to add someone's profit margin to the already high cost of ambulance service. Is the government planning on changing the rules to allow private service providers to refuse to transport someone who can't afford to pay? Or are they going to cover the considerable losses of unpaid bills? I personally have multiple bills in collections that I can never afford to pay on my fixed income from disability. Each bill is half a month's income for me, and I was unable to obtain coverage from the province once I went off Alberta Works. So I get constant calls from collection companies, the government has a pile of uncollectible debt on the books, and the cost of each of those trips has now Increased due to all the wasted time and effort. So when you privatize, who ends up paying for all these extra costs? Or as I said, do we make it a C.O.D. service where you have to prove you can pay before they'll take you? Or do you allow the private providers to make it up by charging more for people who have insurance coverage or can afford to pay it themselves?

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What are some of the things that Albertans value most? Our health and education are commonly at the top of the list making it reasonable to invest in public services in these sectors. #albertavalues #HSAA ... See MoreSee Less

What are some of the things that Albertans value most? Our health and education are commonly at the top of the list making it reasonable to invest in public services in these sectors. #Albertavalues #HSAA