No one voted for deep cuts to health care.
But that’s what Jason Kenney is doing.

Jason Kenney and the UCP government are cutting thousands of frontline health-care workers and trying to privatize vital services.

Hurting patient care and forcing families to wait longer.

And while he cuts our health care, he’s handing out billions in corporate tax giveaways.

Jason Kenney just doesn’t share the priorities of Alberta’s families

Health matters to all of us. And we all deserve the best care possible for ourselves and our loved ones. Our health-care system is already stretched. We need to invest in health care, not cut it and privatize it. We need to listen to the experts in health care when they say cutting and privatizing will put patients at risk. And we need to support them so they have the time and resources to give patients the care they deserve.

Because nothing matters more than your health.

Health matters
to all of us.
Let’s not put it at risk.
Let’s make it better.

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