Our 25,000 health-
care professionals
understand Alberta’s
health-care system.

Whether we’re working in the labs, in diagnostic imaging, in emergency medicine, in therapy, in addictions or any of the 240 professional disciplines to which we belong, we spend every day of our working lives caring for you.

We’re there for you in your scariest, hardest and happiest moments. We’re there for you when you get injured, we’re there for you when you get sick, we’re there for you when you’re born and we’re there for you when you or your loved ones pass on.

It’s because we care about caring for you that we’re talking now about the future of Alberta’s health-care system.

We'll be watching.

We watched the election results come in and we’ll keep watching the government today and the day after that because we need to make sure they take care of Albertans. We’ll be watching for the government to help us do our jobs to provide great patient care, to protect and invest in public health care and to work as hard as we do for the people we take care of every day.

Because nothing matters more than your health.

Health matters
to all of us.
You know that
and we know that.

Campaign News

Calgary Herald: UCP deny allegations about cutting overtime for paramedics, EMS workers

This article was originally published by the Calgary Herald; you can view the original article here. Alberta Health Services has rejected a claim by NDP health critic David Shepherd that the provincial government has prohibited paramedics and EMS workers from working overtime, increasing the number of times that no ambulances are available to respond to calls. During a news conference Tuesday, Shepherd released documents indicating the UCP government has refused overtime hours for paramedics, resulting in…

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Retired medical laboratory technologist pens letter to Kenney about the future of lab services

Sandra Simard, a retired Medical Laboratory Technologist, sent the following letter to the office of the Premier on May 6 and shared it with HSAA. Dear Mr. Jason Kenney, I am writing to you today to express my concerns around the future of Medical Laboratory Services (Med Lab Services) in Alberta. I am a retired Medical Laboratory Technologist and for 37 years have worked in many capacities within this healthcare discipline in Alberta. The last 10…

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Reaction to #Bill9 at the Alberta Legislature. #ableg #abpoli

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Is there an online transcript of this bill yet? I can't find it on google yet.

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JUst remember the public gets good health care because the staff advocate for what the public needs- cause we are the experts in healthcare. Because we tighten and strive and work really above and beyond without bonuses. Using every minute of our time with the patients best interests at heart. If they tie our hands they also tie the publics hands too.Change for the better always comes from within; historically unions have fought for rights in health care. If we dont fight for patients rights no one else will. People dont even know what they might not be getting or missing.

I have just spent 15 minutes trying to compose my feelings. This is my best response at this moment. After 40 years of “ belonging “ at this moment in my life I feel like the union is still not any closer to getting it right. !

Nurses and care staff do a very important job. I know for a fact that they are also paid very well. Yes, they work hard- so do I. I haven't had a raise for 6 years! Suck it up buttercup, be thankful you have a job. This govt has already made life easier to afford. Give it time and life will be good again.

And the health care system in Alberta will grind to a halt!! Funny how the Kenney government is prepared to rip up contracts with labour unions in the `public interest`but when it comes to bringing lab services back under AHS it wont tear up contracts with private companies operating parallel to the public system

Can we organize a pan-union day of action at the leg against this government? Get a unified response, invite students, all union personnel to join?

Weren’t you the ones campaigning for the NDP during the last election? Now your looking for sympathy? This province is in a mess and they’re looking for a few months to have an independent review completed.

We make good money. Stop people. Half of Alberta is laid off. Should count your blessings

Well said Brother !!!

67 % of the voters voted him in hope they like the outcomes of longer waits-and worse services- its coming - staff tend to work where they get the best deal- and we dont all live in Calgary and Edmonton

When are we going on strike?

The war drums are already beating

They just don't learn. Unions have fought long and hard for rights and benefits. Unlike the poem and then they came for me, we will speak up. We are at your back Mike

Here's a question, why didn't the previous government settle our wages instead of halting them to look at later? Because this was used to buy votes

I don’t think the government could pass this legislation for private sector unions.

Been through a wage rollback , layoffs and bumping of staff before. You never recover from that. Don’t want it again!!

We took 0% to balance the budget!!! How much more blood do they want!!!

Looks like year 4 of wage freezes. Too bad my bills aren't going to freeze as well. I wonder when the wage hikes are coming for those in charge?

#realtalk #abpoli #cndpoli #jasonkenney

Yup !

Wildcat, wildcat!


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