Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta is to enhance the quality of life of its members and society.

Strategic Plan

In the Fall of 2011, HSAA’s Board of Directors created its long-term Strategic Plan: Our members and the public will understand and value unions. This statement drives all of the activities of HSAA as we strive to achieve its lofty sentiment.


GOAL: Members are ambassadors of HSAA through their activism and support of union values.


  • Enhance local/district/provincial activities;
  • Improve member education on key issues impacting them;
  • Increase HSAA leadership connection with members; and
  • Achieve a local unit structure throughout the province in support of the goal.


GOAL: HSAA is recognized as a strong and united voice for workers.


  • Increase understanding of member demographics;
  • Enhance the reputation of HSAA within our membership and public;
  • Enhance awareness and value of HSAA’s role in members’ lives;
  • Enhance public profile of leadership; and
  • Enhance community involvement – outreach.


GOAL: HSAA’s future policy and discourse reflects our advocacy and organizing efforts with government, central labour organizations, employers, communities and non-union workers.


  • Enhance HSAA’s position as a “go to” organization for government, organized labour, employers, communities and non-union members;
  • Actively seek opportunities to collaborate with other agencies furthering HSAA’s values;
  • Increase education of members on the importance of advocacy;
  • Increase union density within Alberta through legislative action, making it easier to organize non-union workers; and
  • Advocating for the marginalized, creating opportunities for equity, celebrating differences.