About HSAA

You wouldn't allow just anyone to have your life in their hands.

The world is full of people you have to rely on, especially when it comes to your health. Thatʼs why all our members are well-trained, highly skilled experts. HSAA represents Alberta's Paramedics, Dialysis Technicians, Cardiovascular Perfusionists, Psychologists, Mental Health Therapists, and Pharmacists just to name a few.Together, weʼre the 240 health sciences disciplines that ensure you get exactly what you need.

HSAA was organized in 1971-72 by eleven paramedical professionals when it became evident that some form of unionization was imminent. The paramedicals were reluctant to become a minority group within one of the large, existing labour unions because they felt that with their particular training, certification and professional ethics they did not have a community of interest with other health-care workers. They didn't feel they would be appropriately represented by the unions acting on behalf of other groups. For this reason, the paramedicals desired to establish an independent union under their own direction.

To George C. Hall, who was instrumental in the formation of HSAA and its first executive director, goes much of the credit for the solid foundation of what is now an effective, well-respected participant in Alberta's labour scene.

In 1972, a group of paramedical technical employees at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton became the first bargaining unit represented by HSAA. The Canadian Red Cross was the first non-hospital bargaining unit, certified in 1974. The first private, for-profit employer unit was organized at Calgary Medical Laboratories in 1975 and, in 1995, HSAA certified its first community health support unit at the Barons-Eureka-Warner Health Units.

In 2003, HSAA members voted in favour of joining the House of Labour. In doing so, HSAA became an affiliate of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). This move brought HSAA to the table to speak on behalf of working people when decisions are made at the provincial and national levels. HSAA has two seats on the Executive Committee of the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL) and one seat on the Executive Board of NUPGE. On a local level, HSAA has affiliations with district labour councils and committees. Through NUPGE, HSAA is represented on the Canadian Health Professionals Secretariat (CHPS) where the profile of allied health disciplines is raised on a national level.

Today, HSAA represents 25,000 paramedical technical, paramedical professional, and general support employees in more than 240 disciplines. HSAA is one of the fastest growing unions in Alberta.