Month: September 2018

HSAA welcomes boost in funding for mental-health care

An Alberta government funding grant to help provide mental-health services to low-income and homeless Calgarians is a welcome move, according to the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA). “As a union, we’ve been advocating for better support for mental-health services across the province,” says Mike Parker, president of HSAA, which represents about 26,000 health-care professionals including mental-health therapists, social workers and addictions counsellors. “Our members work on the front lines and know only too well that…

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HSAA’s refugee family living an ‘ordinary’ dream

What’s your dream? Maybe you fantasize about winning the lottery and buying a beachfront home in Hawaii or a log cabin in the woods. Maybe it’s being able to afford to take your entire extended family on a five-star cruise. Or is it simply that you’ll have enough money to quit work? What if your dream was to lead a normal, ordinary life? To get up and go to work six days a week, to pack…

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Opinion: Stop being scared and get to know a newcomer

Note: This oped was originally published in the Edmonton Journal. Photo (above): The family pictured in Kananaskis with Ayed Saad and Faika Satterthwaite earlier this year. As headlines mistakenly scream about a refugee crisis in Canada, as we hear claims that diversity is a threat to Canada and as alt-right anti-immigrant groups try to recruit the homeless at a Labour Day event in Edmonton, we seem to be in a constant state of fear. Why? What happened?…

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