Month: January 2018

Healthcare Professionals Union encourages interactive learning in Government schools

TAKARLA, INDIA Do you remember a time before computers, or the internet? Before cellphones? The truth is that not many people do, for these technological advancements have become such an integral part of our daily lives. Technology surrounds us in all aspects of life and, with each passing year, our dependence on it increases greatly. It is even making its way into education systems around the world, greatly enhancing the educational experience for those fortunate enough…

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Alberta Health Services pares down infrastructure wish-list

Alberta Health Services has decided to pare down its infrastructure demands, handing the province a shorter list that emphasizes a handful of smaller, lower-cost projects. The health authority’s “Capital Submission” is prepared once a year as part of the government’s process for determining which infrastructure projects to fund. The list has typically featured at least 20 projects ranked as urgent priorities, including a number of expensive, high-profile developments. Last year’s list, for example, called for redevelopments…

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