The Union of Healthcare Professionals

The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) is a labour union representing over 24,000 paramedical technical, professional and general support employees in the public and private health-care sectors of Alberta, Canada. HSAA maintains a head office in Edmonton and an office in Calgary.

by Hannah Murphy

By Julia Wong,
Digital Broadcast Journalist Global News

by Hannah Murphy

The following letter has been sent by HSAA Vice-President, Trudy Thomson, to the Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry, Labour and Justice regarding the death of paid farm worker Stephen Gibson and the need to improve safety on Alberta farms.

by Hannah Murphy

By Mike Parker

Brian Jean says he wants to “reduce job-killing government red tape by 33 per cent, and put in place a one-for-one rule after that where any new regulation has to have one at least as onerous taken away.”

by Hannah Murphy

While many HSAA members belong to the Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP) and Public Sector Pension Plan (PSPP), which are well-funded, defined-benefit plans and have some element of employee representation, many other workers either have no pe

by Hannah Murphy

In a surprise reversal of course, Sears Canada struck a deal with current and former employees that will see it continue to pay pension and benefit contributions through the summer. ... While welcome relief for the families of more than 16,000 plan members, there remains no guarantee Sears will have sufficient funds to cover promises made down the road.