The Union of Healthcare Professionals

The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) is a labour union representing close to 23,000 paramedical technical, professional and general support employees in the public and private health-care sectors of Alberta, Canada. HSAA maintains a head office in Edmonton and an office in Calgary.

by Luanne Climenhaga

Health Minister Sarah Hoffman has named David Carpenter the Official Administrator of Alberta Health Services, while work continues on a long-term governance plan for the organization.

by Luanne Climenhaga

The Wildrose position on medical laboratory services in Edmonton is the same as the approach of the previous PC government. Rather than do real research and gather all the facts, as decided by Health Minister Sarah Hoffman, the Wildrose wants to repeat the PC mistakes and press ahead with a faulty plan based on a preconceived outcome.

by Luanne Climenhaga
Medicine Hat Diagnostic Laboratory - Main Lab

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is throwing up roadblocks to a smooth transition of medical laboratory services in Medicine Hat that could affect the quality of care patients receive, says the union representing affected workers.

by Luanne Climenhaga

Alberta’s health minister is putting the brakes on the handover of Edmonton and area medical lab services to a private Australian company next March. Sarah Hoffman says she has told Alberta Health Services to cancel a contract with Sonic Healthcare.

by Kim Adonyi-Keegan

If you missed the CBC Radio Active interview between reporter Kim Trynacity and HSAA president Elisabeth Ballermann - we have it here: