The Union of Healthcare Professionals

The Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA) is a labour union representing close to 23,000 paramedical technical, professional and general support employees in the public and private health-care sectors of Alberta, Canada. HSAA maintains a head office in Edmonton and an office in Calgary.

by Luanne Climenhaga

A boy nearly five years old wearing an Amazing Spider-Man T-shirt got to meet his own real-life heroes today – the paramedics who saved his life the day he was born.

by Luanne Climenhaga

Waving hand-held mirrors and shouting “shame, shame on you Jim,” hundreds of union members and labour leaders gathered at city hall Thursday protesting Tory leader Jim Prentice’s announcement this week to impose a hiring and wage freeze across the province’s public sector.

by Luanne Climenhaga

Elisabeth Ballermann is president of the Health Sciences Association of Alberta, which represents ambulance workers. She said the NDP figures are consistent with what her members are reporting. “We’re seeing more and more red alerts, and there’s more and more denial from Alberta Health Services,” she said.“Now the Alberta government wants AHS to absorb $950 million in cut, and they want us to believe that’s not going to affect front-line services.”

by Luanne Climenhaga

Public Interest Alberta has released a report entitled "A Just and Fair Alberta: Priorities for Change," which is designed to serve as a key resource for individuals and organizations in Alberta's 2015 provincial election.